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Read with your child 15 minutes per day

Read together every day. The more you read to your child the more he or she will anticipate your time together, learn new words and develop their imagination. Share your lap or snuggle close with your little one while you read. This helps to make reading a pleasurable and fun experience for both you and your child. Expect to see a need for independence alternate with a need for security. Support this development by offering several book choices and be prepared to read the same book over and over. Toddlers love repetition.

Action is often a child’s middle name. This can make reading together a little harder but don't be discouraged. Choose times to read when your child is relaxed, in the evening and before or after a nap. Also seize brief moments to explore a few pages when waiting at the doctor's office or at a restaurant. This can also be a good time to introduce a new book in order to capture your little one’s attention. Toddlers may prefer to stand sometimes when sharing a book.

Go beyond the story in the book. Point to the pictures and name the animals, colors and plants. If there are dogs in the pictures count them together, showing the quantity with your fingers. Pointing things out, asking questions and discussing what happens in a story is a great way to improve your child's vocabulary. Select some nonfiction books to share with your child. Books with colorful nature photographs, people in action or new places can teach a toddler a lot about the world. Visit the libraries and bookstores together. Find out if they offer a children’s story hour or have recommended titles for your child’s age group.
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